race pacing plans, predictions, what-if analysis, and race-rehearsal tools
powered by our predictive analytics & AI and your genetics & training data

Your Data + Our Technology = Optimized Race Pacing

Race execution optimized with your data and our patent-pending technology turns your race potential into race reality.


Predicted times on major triathlons,
marathons, and cycling events


Optimized pacing and analysis
for your fastest possible race results


Export course files with precise pacing
for easy and spot-on execution

Real predictions based on your data and local environment and terrain

"Race execution should not be an experiment."

What RaceX® Delivers

RaceX delivers the fastest possible race times given your fitness and race conditions!
Using RaceX is super simple: 1) provide your data, 2) select your race, and 3) let us optimize your pacing to slash time off your next race!
Optimization is a fully automated ("done for you") technology with the option for you to modify settings, if you choose.

  • Optimal Pacing for Your Fastest Possible Race Times
  • Precise Race Time (Split) Predictions
  • Exportable Bike Power Plan for Race Day
  • Race-Specific Race Rehearsals
  • Hydration & Nutrition Planning Tools
  • Bike Equipment/Setup Impact Analysis
  • Virtual Race Optimization

Use Optimized Pacing to Race Your Fastest Possible Times

RaceX optimizes your race pacing to give you the fastest possible times given your fitness and the race environment and terrain. It accounts for environmental differences between your training and race environment, determines your optimal Target Power/Pace, and creates segmented power plans specific to you and each race course. If you're racing a triathlon, it optimizes your energy allocation between your bike and run to give you the best overall race time.

Get Precise Race/Split Predictions

You get precise race and split predictions based on your fitness and the unique environment and terrain of each race venue. Browse through a listing of all major IRONMAN® or Challenge® courses worldwide to see your predicted times. Or, import your own custom routes for any triathlon, cycling, or running event.


Export Bike Power Plans for Real-Time, Race-Day Execution

Export your optimized bike power segments localized to your race environment and load them to your cycling computer for easy real-time, spot-on race pacing.

Make Your
Race Rehearsals
More Productive

Export all or a portion of your bike power segments localized to your current training environment for high-quality race rehearsals. Rehearse the entire course or just the most challenging portion using your exact power protocols. Use your power protocols out on the road or upload to your smart trainer or virtual training environment.


Plan Your Hydration & Nutrition Appropriately

Plan your hydration and nutrition strategies based on your race duration, target intensity, and environment. Use the built-in planning tools for each discipline to ensure you are hydrated and fueled for success on race day.

Understand the Time Impact of Different Bike Equipment & Setups

You can use our sophisticated race simulation technology and what-if analysis to compare predicted race outcomes of alternative bike pacing plans with different bike setups or equipment options to determine the precise time savings on specific courses prior to making purchase or race-strategy decisions.


Optimize Your Virtual Race Results

Optimize your bike and run pacing when competing on virtual environments such as Zwift, Rouvy, and others. Get every ounce of performance out of your hard earned fitness.

"You train too hard to let poor pacing
rob you of your performance potential!"

The Engine Driving Your Success

Using RaceX may be simple, but our optimization engine driving your success is nothing but. RaceX optimization algorithms use big data, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to deliver otherwise unattainable results.

Here's some of what's happening behind the scenes to make you faster:

  • Environment Normalization
  • Target Power/Pace Identification
  • Bike Route Segmentation
  • Bike Power Optimization
  • Bike Impact on Run Time (BIRT)
  • Race Simulations

Environment Normalization

Our EnviroNorm® technology automatically converts your power/pacing values from your local training environment to your race-day environment. It accounts for factors such as temperature, humidity, and elevation to ensure your FTP (functional threshold power/pace) values are appropriate for what you'll encounter on race-day.

Target Power/Pace Identification

RaceX determines your optimal Target Powers and/or Paces (for your swim, bike, and/or run) based on your localized FTPs values, training data, race/split durations, genetics, and race-specific conditions.


Bike Route Segmentation

RaceX systematically divides your bike route into a series of contiguous Power Segments based on grade, distance, and other factors. These Power Segments are used to generate your optimized power plan.

Bike Power Optimization

RaceX optimizes the power values for each bike Power Segment based on your Target Power, weight, terrain, temperature, humidity, elevation, wind speed & direction, your aerodynamic drag profile, and so forth. Your power-based bike plan prescribes the optimal power for each Power Segment to give you the fastest possible time without over exertion.


Bike Impact on Run Time™

During your bike and run pacing optimization for triathlons, your BIRT™ is optimized to take advantage of opportunities for increasing/decreasing your bike Target Power if the net effect on both bike and run times is advantageous. Factors such as your relative bike and run strength, body composition, environmental changes during race day, and the difficulty of the bike and run routes can have a significant impact on how you manage your exertion throughout the race.

Race Simulations

RaceX runs race simulations for individual races based on your localized and optimized power plan, your aerodynamic drag profile, weight, dynamic local temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, wind exposure, course elevation, grade, road surface conditions, and your modified settings, if any.


Auto-Sync Your Training and Race Data

Connect your apps and devices to auto-sync your training and race data. Import your genome from 23andMe or Export race-pacing power files for use on most smart trainers and training apps (.mrc, .erg, .zwo, and .fit file types supported).