RaceX is Optimized Race Execution™ technology that helps endurance athletes realize their full potential on race day.  It utilizes each athlete’s training data and biometrics (including genetics), each race’s terrain and environment, and RaceX’s proprietary predictive analytics engine to help athletes achieve their best possible outcomes. 

RaceX is the Official Predictive Analytics Technology of USA Triathlon.

The RaceX app provides race pacing plans, predictions, what-if analysis, and race-rehearsal tools that help athletes turn their race potential into race reality.

RaceX's companion app, TriDot, delivers Optimized Triathlon Training. What RaceX is to racing, TriDot is to training.  TriDot maximizes your fitness given your available training time. Racex minimizes your race time given your available fitness.

RaceX is a performance science division of Predictive Fitness. TriDot leverages its proprietary, patent-pending nSight™ technology based on ongoing research and development that began in 2005. It’s comprised of a high-quality proprietary dataset of biometrics and performance data from more than 30 million optimized training sessions from more than 40,000 athletes worldwide. Data is acquired and analyzed using sophisticated data-normalizing technologies and numerous analytical and prescriptive capabilities such as data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced analytics.