Aaron Shakocius

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic, Half, Full

Performance Level


After being a competitive mountain bike racer in my twenties and a cyclist for over thirty years, a good friend and triathlete friend and coach convinced me to swim and run with her triathlon team. After training with the team for a few months, my friend said, “You should do a race with us!” I thought, “Sounds like fun!” I did two sprint distance races and I was hooked.

After a racing season of many sprint and olympic distance races, I began to look for a way to take my training and abilities to the next level. I heard about TriDot from a triathlete acquaintance. Being a gadget and data geek, the methodology of TriDot immediately appealed to me in a big way. Following the guided training provided by TriDot for six months led me to my first half Ironman in 2018. It was the most fulfilling and fun race I’ve done to date. Now I am super excited to trust TriDot to take me to my first full at Ironman Arizona in 2019.

In God we trust. All others must bring data – W. Edwards Deming