Alex Hamlow

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Olympic, Half, Full

Performance Level

Highly Competitive

I am a husband, bible study ministry leader, full time global sales executive in Healthcare, and passionate about triathlon and endurance sports. I am blessed to live in the birthplace of triathlon in San Diego county with my wife, Candi, and my running buddy Silas, our whippet.

I began my Triathlon journey in 1986 while in college after doing some bike racing and being inspired by my cousin, who had recently completed Ironman Hawaii. I dabbled mostly with Sprint & Olympic distance races plus 10ks & Marathons until my first IM70.3 in 1992 which really hooked me into the sport full force. My story almost ended Thanksgiving Day in 1995 when I was in a car accident, broadsided by a drunk driver. I survived, but with a brain injury requiring 5 years of healing and after the resulting 100+ lbs of weight gained, I found myself horribly out of shape and unhappy.

With my wife’s urging and support, I got back into training, lost 125 lbs within a year and have been racing again consistently since 2001. I made the leap to full Ironman140.6 racing in 2008, but then scaled back due to the massive training required to be competitive at longer distances. That was until I found TriDot in 2013 which opened my eyes to what was possible with less time, less chance of injury, and much greater purpose in training. It’s also been exciting to see improved results even after 25+ years in the sport, including podiums at recent Olympic and 70.3 races and a 19min improvement at full IM distance. While I’ve completed over 150 triathlons & 20+ marathons & ultramarathons, I remain excited for what comes next on the journey and the TriDot System truly helps make that possible!

Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am- Philippians 4:13