Amanda Carey

TriDot Ambassador

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Forty something endurance athlete focusing on long distance triathlon and marathon running. Mom of 2. Fur mom of 3 dogs & 2 cats. Wife. Full time employee. I’ve been racing triathlons since 2006 when I entered a sprint triathlon with my Walmart Huffy mountain bike. I have had a “few” bikes since then and a lot of finish lines. My only limits seem to be time and money. I transitioned to TriDot training for 2019 after seeing a few of my friends have success with the program. While it’s a virtual type training program, there are always real people to talk to with training questions, the training is always adapting to me and how I preform on a day to day basis, there are no junk miles (cuz who has time for that?) and there are a variety of plans so that I can pick one that best fits my race schedule and budget. I’m excited to not only be part of the TriDot community but also a 2019 TriDot Ambassador. I am TriDot. WE are TriDot!

So many races, so little time