Andrew Soderberg

TriDot Ambassador

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Half, Full

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My triathlon story starts in the sleepy little town of Richardson, TX. My neighbor and mountain biking buddy told me he had signed up to do a little triathlon and that I should do it with him. (I swam in high school and ran in high school and college) He said I'd have no problem with it and I should sign up. So throwing caution to the wind I signed up for Ironman Galveston 70.3. I threw myself into training for it after finding a free program online. I raced 4 full Ironmans using the same free plan from the internet.

Then, I found this gem of a training program called TriDot. My (now) coach Elizabeth swore by it and said that the analytics of it would make my head spin. I've done 3 fulls with TriDot and have had amazing run ups to each race. I marched through Alaskaman Xtreme Triathlon with confidence from the insane workouts that #meancoach put in front of me to prepare me. After the amazing experience I had with TriDot I decided to share it with my Husband who is Visually Impaired (Legally Blind) and help him to achieve the dream of completing a full Ironman. No matter what happens I know that Triathlon and TriDot will continue to be a part of my Journey in life.

Finish what you start. This Ironman ain't gonna run itself.