Brett Hayes

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Half, Full

Performance Level

Highly Competitive

I have been in the sport for six years and it has been love at first bite! With numerous 100s under my belt I had a friend tell me that there was no way i could finish a triathlon. Well she was wrong. After finishing a sprint or two I found myself wanting more. With that came the training needed to do the longer distances. Well that by itself is a roller coaster "try this try that" nothing seemed to stick. everything seemed so generic until i came across TriDot. And I am so grateful i did.

Last year I worked the system at the entry level and it got me to the finish in Cozumel in 12.5 hours. And I was told by fellow athletes that was a great time for a first timer and I am very proud and very humble to call myself a Ironman. But I want more!

So this year with the help of TriDot and my TriDot coach I hope to chisel away at my finishing time so maybe one day I can get a slot to the big island. Until then this year I have Texas, Lubbock and Florida in the books guess you can say that i'm off to the races! The sport of triathlon not only keeps us in shape but it has introduced me to some truly wonderful people. And I'm always excited about meeting more. So look for me wearing the TriDot visor and come over and say Hello.