Cathy Lowe

TriDot Ambassador

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Sprint, Half, Full

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I started competing in Triathlons 6 years ago after numerous fractures from just running and I had been biking and swimming to replace the running. Found out that the fractures had been caused by my body going through Adrenal Fatigue. After 2 years of treatment and modified training, I completed my first half Ironman at August. The following year I completed Ironman Florida. Triathlons help keep me from placing too much stress on my body in one specific sport and I have found that I am not too bad at it either. I have been with TriDot for 3 months now after having a knee injury that required surgery for over a year. I am getting faster at each assessment and TriDot keeps me from over-training which would affect my adrenal fatigue. I will fight adrenal fatigue the rest of my life but I refuse to give up exercise or the sports that I love. Thank you TriDot for showing me how to get faster without over-training.

FEAR - False evidence appearing real