Chris Schroeder

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic, Half, Full

Performance Level


My triathlon journey began in 2013. After living a semi-active but sedative lifestyle, health risks were piling up > already on meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol and blood sugar was on the horizon. Began a program that combined a low sugar diet with exercise and dropped 50 pounds within months. The reward, was a new Trek 8.4 DS Hybrid. Within a year, that hybrid was not enough – needed a Felt Z5 road bike. Both of these have “transformed” into a Felt triathlon TT bike with full aero bars, and a Trek Gravel Grinder using the drop down bars taken off the Felt. After some egging on from a couple of co-workers to step into triathlon, started some swimming in the form of a “Masters Class”, which gave me enough confidence to complete an Olympic distance triathlon in 2015. The following year pushed for and achieved the goal of completing a half Ironman. 2017 was my banner year – while competing in a local Olympic distance, I finished first in my age group. The finish qualified for USATAGNC in Omaha, which I attended but did not have a good race. But was grateful to be able to enjoyed the experience, with hopes to make it there again someday and will hopefully get there with the help of the TriDot program. Also that year was training for the second HIM (a Toughman) which upon completion also qualified you for their championship in NY. At the Toughman Championship in NY, I turned off the bike course accidently for a short time, and had a chain fall off briefly. Both of which pushed me off the podium by 2:24. But felt very strong at the end, and made a commitment to do an Ironman in 2018. Ironman Louisville in 2018 was extremely grueling – the weather conditions (cold / rainy) were horrible for bike riding. Once off the bike, the event then became “fun” and enjoyed crossing the finish line after 13:45:09 and 139.1 miles (the swim was shortened due to extremely fast water currents).

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7