Christopher Brown

TriDot Ambassador

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I signed up for my first triathlon in 2014 with my wife (still just my girlfriend at the time), a small local Sprint distance race on a flat and easy course branded to be perfect for beginners. After months and months of delaying any sort of training or preparation for the race we never ended up showing up on race day. Two years later in 2016 I signed up again, forcing myself to commit to the preparation needed and used that race to shed some extra pounds for my wedding which was the following weekend. Since that first race, I’ve fallen head over heels for this sport and have raced consistently for the past two seasons in shorter distances.

After watching my 57-year-old dad finish 3rd in his age group at a Half Marathon in 2018 he inspired me to make the jump from Sprint distance to Half-Ironman. I started using TriDot at this time through the PSP (pre-season project) program to prepare my body for the longer distance since I had never run more than 5 miles in my life. The structured training, data analytics and efficiency of the program not only got me to the finish line of that race but led me to my first win in a Sprint distance event this past year back at the race where it all began. TriDot has enabled me to make consistent, sustained performance gains in every discipline that I never thought we’re possible. I’m looking forward to redefining what’s possible with TriDot and seeing where it could lead me to in this 2019 race season!

ANYTHING is possible if you cultivate a love and passion for what you are doing, and you are willing to persevere – Lionel Sanders