Doni Escoffie

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances


Performance Level

Highly Competitive

Throughout my entire life I have always had a passion for running; track and field was something that always inspired me. Then a friend challenged me to do a sprint distance triathlon, this was my first experience into the sport and I was immediately addicted. Since my first sprint which was almost nine years ago I have continually push my body to get better and better. For me the conditioning is everything. My goal is to reach peek performance where my body performs a full Ironman with better time and stronger performace results each time. Since my first Triathlon event I have completed a total of 11 full Ironman events and many 70.3 events but falling just short of my goal to qualify for KONA; I am confident that TriDoT will help me achieve that goal! KONA 140.6 HERE I COME...

No pain, No gain