Elicia Jacobson

TriDot Ambassador

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I started running in 2009 with a simple dare to run a 5k. I quickly fell in love with being active and the open road. After a few years of running I was introduced to duathlon and found that I enjoyed the open road even more on a bike. In 2016 I joined a friend in an adult swim lessons group and before I knew it I was hooked. I signed up for my first sprint, it was exhausting but I wanted more. I decided to try to move up to the 70.3 and was training hard to complete when a little derailment moved me away from my coach and most of my training friends. In the fall of 2018 I was able to move back home and that is when I was introduced to TriDot. I wanted to complete my first 70.3 in the summer of 2019. I loved the information that TriDot has given me about my training and look forward to many more training opportunities in the future.

I hope you know you're capable + brave + significant, Even when it feels like you're not.