Erik Mortenson

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic

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I started in triathlons when a colleague of mine ran a race for the faculty children at the school where I worked. My son struggled, but gutted it out and even though he started last in each discipline, ended up winning his age group with persistence. After that I promised him I’d do a tri. That coming fall a local sprint was happening so I trained throughout the summer. When I began, I couldn’t run a mile without stopping, and had to teach myself to swim laps. I raced that race Swimming breaststroke and managed to place third in my group! I was hooked. Raced again the next month and took second in my group. Haven’t looked back since. Upped the ante to Olympic distances and eventually to 70.3. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without TriDot and the well-scheduled workouts always producing gains. If I ever “take a step back” on an assessment, I know I will follow it up with two steps forward the next time. Always. See you at the races!

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