Francis Bourdeau

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Olympic, Half

Performance Level


Running and cycling have been hobbies of mine since my early 20s. I self-coached myself in running multiple marathons and half-marathon with pretty decent times using the same philosophy of the TriDot system. I started the triathlon two years ago, building up from sprint to Olympic to the Half-Ironman distances. I was never attracted to enter a tri club due mostly to fix schedule training, but also due to the pressure I felt to match the other athletes' performances.

I have been really excited about the training offered by TriDot. It matches my running philosophy that worked so well previously (low intensity running paired with highly focus session) and I really enjoyed being able to train by-myself on my own schedule. In addition, I'm always looking forward to those hard assessment session where I can measure myself in an honest and reliable ways. Finally, the online community I found here is fantastic, full of resources and tips and provides a lot of motivation

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