Greg McAuley

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic, Half, Full

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I started smoking and drinking as a young teenager and enjoyed the unhealthy lifestyle for nearly 30 years. After quitting smoking in 2007, my weight ballooned from an unhealthy 235lbs to 275 lbs. I couldn't sleep well, could barely climb the stairs in our house, and definitely could not enjoy playing basketball and enjoy the outdoors like I could when I was younger. In October 2010, I embarked on a weight loss program that helped me lose 70 lbs but could have been derailed by my lack of enthusiasm for working out. A good friend of mine, in late 2010, got tired of hearing me whine about working out on an elliptical machine and suggested I join and work out with the Pearland YMCA tri team. I found a good deal on a cheap road bike, bought a pair of swim goggles and running shoes, and began my journey. In 2011 I finished my first six sprints and 2 Olys and realized I was hooked. I also recalled vividly right after finishing my first purposeful race (2nd overall with the first being a crazy story in its own right) the images of Julie Moss struggling to get to and cross the Kona finish line in 1982. At that moment I set a goal to follow in her footsteps (albeit not with as much drama) regardless of how difficult the journey to compete was. I began using TriDot training right after joining Tri4Him South Houston chapter in May 2011 and have used it for 47 of the 49 triathlons I have finished. The support and camaraderie I experience through TriDot and Tri4Him has been instrumental in my success in and my passion for this sport and the triathlon community. My next triathlon finish will be my 50th and my 49 races have included 13 podium finishes, 5 HIM, and 7 IM finishes. I also became an Ironman All World bronze athlete in 2017. All due to my buddy nudging me, TriDot training, and my Tri4Him and TriDot teammates. (and God working through all of this)

God has given me a strong set of lungs and a pair of legs that can take a beating. It is my responsibility to use them to glorify Him in any way possible - Matt Hansen, back to back winner of IMTX and new 140.6 distance world record holder