Heather McAlinn

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances


Performance Level


I love endurance training. My fitness resume includes completion of 140.6 mile Ironman, 70.3 mile triathlon, and Olympic distance triathlon. I am also a marathon and half marathon finisher. I am a fitness mom who refuses to give up. My greatest achievement is my daughter.

ln addition, I enjoy instructing and participating in fitness kickboxing classes. It’s a great cross training workout.

In July 2017, I was diagnosed with MS. Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for my health and wellness. Giving hope to others through my personal journey motivates me to be the best version of myself. I feel blessed to be able to maintain a physically active lifestyle as a triathlete.

I’ve been training with TriDot since February 2018. Artificial intelligence married with big data equals amazing results!