Heather Wesch

TriDot Ambassador

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Sprint, Olympic, Half, Full

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I have always been a decent athlete but never even considered triathlon until 2011. I was 6 months postpartum after having my third child. I had not gained a lot of weight, but I really wanted to get back into shape. My husbands friend was participating in some local sprints and said I should give it a shot. I decided to register for one of the the sprints in the series which took place in June. After that race, I was hooked. I competed in 5 more sprint and olympic distance races that summer, and even podiumed a couple of times. Heck, I even qualified for age group nationals that year which was surprising and exciting.

After that first year, in 2012, I decided to go longer and challenge myself, so I participated in my first 70.3 in Haines City Florida! That was the beginning of long course triathlon for me. I continued to participate in dozens of half marathons, about a half dozen 70.3's and even my first full 140.6 Ironman in Florida in 2016. I was self coached from 2011 through 2014, then took on a coach with a referral from a friend. I worked with that coach from 2015 through 2018. We had a good relationship, but I never seemed to improve and I was constantly battling knee and overuse injuries. He got me through my first full Ironman, but i always felt like something was missing...like I could be so much more. I knew I needed to change something, and just about that time, Tridot came into my Facebook feed.

I decided to apply for the preseason project in November 2018. I was accepted and immediately started working hard. After just a few months, I was seeing gains and feeling stronger than ever. Today, I am pushing watts on the bike that I never thought possible, and swimming faster than I ever dreamed. My run is solid and my stamina has improved immensely on this program. I am forever grateful that Tridot took me on in their preseason project as I don't think I would have become the best version of my "Tri self" it it wasn't for this program!

Enjoy the Journey