Jeff Presley

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic, Half

Performance Level


After playing college baseball I needed an outlet to stay competitive in a sport and focus my energy on something other than my job. After competing in foot races for several years, a friend suggested I give triathlon a try because I loved to be outdoors and had grown tired of pounding the pavement. So I put a local sprint triathlon on the calendar and went for it. I knew I was hooked when I loved the daily training. I only had a mountain bike so I had to borrow a friend's road bike (at least one size too small) and knew nothing about swimming. But I enjoyed learning the intricacies of the new disciplines and embraced the challenge. After feeling a bit lost in the first race or two I soon got the hang of it and now appreciate the drive it takes to continue to improve.

Triathlon has been a tremendous outlet for me over the years and I thoroughly enjoy helping others become addicted to the sport as well. Having been self-taught from scratch on all 3 disciplines and never having used a coach - I finally decided to take the leap and join TriDot. I felt like I had reached the limits of how far I could improve on my own, and believed TriDot could help push me to be my absolute best in the sport. I became a believer in TriDot and their way of doing things before my first training session even began. The data-driven approach to the training, coupled with a knowledgeable adviser/coach, and a fantastic online community have proven to be a winning combination. I am a big fan of the instant feedback scores after each training session. I also appreciate the modification of each prescribed training session based on previous assessments, weather, time of day, location, and planned races. Customization is key - and TriDot does it all. I'm looking forward to this year's race results and forthcoming PR's.

Live the better story - Donald Miller