Joe Chew

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Olympic, Half

Performance Level


I transitioned to triathlon after many years of being a runner and swimmer. It was recommended that I transition to activities that did not stress my joints as much as running. So, I bought a bike and the rest is history. I started off doing duathlons and aquabikes. I finally transitioned to a sprint triathlon in 2010. I’ve completed 3 half Ironmans and need to overcome the mental hurdle to sign up for a full distance.

I have been with TriDot since late last year when I was selected to participate in the PSP. I have made significant gains and am quite impressed with the program. TriDot has made me a data cruncher and analyst. I’m always checking my data and assessing my performance, good and bad, as to how to get better or keep up my effort. I am looking forward to many more gains and I fully expect TriDot to get me across the finish line when I do commit to my first full distance.