Mary Hassell

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic, Half

Performance Level


I have been involved in athletics all my life, but NEVER an endurance athlete. I grew up in the pool, but not much biking or running. One year ago, I decided to I was going to check “triathlon” off my bucket list. I signed up for 5 sprint races last summer, and ultimately took a liking to the sport. This year I decided I wanted to try for a 70.3 (Rev3 Williamsburg and Ironman New Orleans). My daughter told me, “If it is too hard, you don’t have to do it.” That sealed the deal and I decided to show her that with hard work I can complete my goals. Now, as a physical therapist, I know I have to train for the 70.3, so I found TriDot a great way to train smart, decrease risk or injury, and fit into a busy work/life schedule.

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t