Michelle Edwards

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic, Half, Full

Performance Level


After spending much of my life as a couch potato fighting my weight, I decided at age 40 to become an athlete. I joined a run club and in August of that year I ran my first marathon. After doing marathoning for a few years which resulted in 6 full marathons and around a dozen half marathons, a friend convinced me to tri. I started with the TriGirl SuperSprint and kept increasing the distance to find my limits. I haven’t found them yet! I’ve completed 3 fulls, Ironman Florida x2 and Ironman Texas, over 6 halfs including the original course at Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs, along with sprints and 0lympics. Now I just want to get faster.

I’ve always been a slow runner and was ok on the swim and bike. But I didn’t feel like I was making a lot of progress. I realized the program I was using was actually holding me back. A training partner really talked up TriDot and since I was in between coaches at the time, I decided to check it out. Within a month there was no looking back. I’d found my happy place again! I’m excited to see what the future brings. What were once just dreams are now becoming goals.

Courage is fear walking- Susan A. David