Olivia Watkins

TriDot Ambassador

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Sprint, Olympic, Half, Full

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I started my Tri journey after running lots of 5 and 10Ks and three marathons within a two year span. I was new to the sport but eventually found myself getting bored with just that one activity. Eventually a friend convinced me that I could solve my boredom by signing up for a triathlon. It was a super sprint and I didn't have a road bike, just my husbands mountain bike. I had a ton of fun but also had a more than decent finish time. I invested in a road bike to do a few sprints and Olympics but spent most of my time developing my run technique and speed for back to back marathons.

My Tri times were okay because of my run but my swim time was horrible! I obviously needed help with improving my swim and an actual training program to build endurance. Thankfully, a good friend and TriDot coach urged me to just see how the program could work for me. My first TriDot race was the 2017 Aggieland Tri and I placed first in my age group out of 21 women! I was hooked.

By that time, I was fully hooked onto TriDot. I used TriDot to train for my first HIM and have improved on my times consistently for the next two HIMs! In between those races, I was still running small races, marathons and pacing marathons (which is a major passion of mine)-talk about a program that supports recovery! My coach was convinced I could push myself further by aiming to finish a full IM and come out in good shape. I successfully completed my first IM at IMTX in 2018 in a much better time than I expected. This year, my coach and I are preparing for the next few IM (oh boy!) and HIMs. I've trusted the TriDot process for almost two years now and can confidently say this program delivers as long as I put in the work.

A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever- Mary Lou Retton