Rawn Davis

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic, Half

Performance Level

Highly Competitive

Born a New Orleans native with Navy in my blood, I joined the US Navy immediately following Hurricane Katrina in 2006, servitude and giving back became a dire necessity. As a kid I always wanted to be the movie character "Rambo" thinking it was synonymous to being a Navy SEAL. As an adult, when I realized the opportunity was available and that it just had to be taken I turned all of my focus and efforts into making a dream come true. Coming from a consistent and seemingly solid running background - that wasn't the area of concern. What was concerning was that I had no clue how to swim. Fixable. I got three swim coaches at the same time and spent countless hours in the pool. In six months I became not only proficient in the water, but I also gained the competitive bug, always pushing to beat the guys' times in the lanes on either side of me. Competitive swimming mixed with survival swimming meant this was definitely going somewhere.

I went to BUD/S in 2014 as a Naval Officer candidate but unfortunately was not selected for Officer Commissioning School, huge mental blow. I returned home full of anxious energy then had the thought "Well I know how to swim competitively now, and I know how to ride a bike (just don't stop pedaling...got it), so I might as well check out this whole triathlon business". I needed something more, something more than normal, something more than just running - I was operating on a new playing field. So I signed up for my first tri, Oschner Ironman 70.3 New Orleans! I was argued into doing a sprint tri first although I wanted my first to be a big bang (don't we all); I conceded, but later than I should have. I did a sprint the week before the 70.3 and it handed me my ass, all I kept thinking was "What have I gotten myself into". Remember the thoughts about the bike, just keep pedaling, well no one told me about fighting hills...and WIND. But the following weekend I showed up anyway - committed, anxious, and ready to give it hell. And from there on out it's been an ongoing love connection. I have recruited many others to join in on all this tri-fun; and I've been fortunate enough to find many communities of amazing and passionate athletes. More recently, I have found myself at the helm of an in-depth, intuitive, and robust training program, TriDot. I am a proud participant and an even more proud ambassador of such a results-driven team of badassery!

'Adversity introduces a man to himself' (Einstein). Today, we're going to make a few introductions