Robert Danek

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I was an obese alcohol abuser for the bulk of my life. When my second child was born, I became determined not to be a “side line father”. I didn’t want to watch my young children play, I wanted to play WITH them. I started a couch to 5k program and went cold turkey on alcohol. 5ks turned to half marathons, which eventually brought me to triathlon. Having completed 7 70.3s and dozens of sprints and Olympic distances, I’m hooked!!! Early in my tri career, I had a series of injuries which led me to trying out the TriDot system. I’m currently 70lbs down in weight and have been injury free! I have a strong affinity of training and racing, but having a demanding job, being in loving marriage, and being an involved father take priority. TriDot allows me to perform my best, whilst maintaining the balance that my life demands.

it’s all about balance