Ryan Fewell

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I started triathlon because of my son. He was very competitive in running and tri and I was lazy heading fast to becoming a very large desk jockey. He inspired me to suck it up and train. I started six years ago barely able to run around the block. Once I ran around the block twice and thought I was going to die. My son has taught me to persevere through the struggle and has encouraged me every step of the way. I started with just running, but shortly after moving to Texas I got hooked on triathlon. I was completely freaked out on how to train, how much to train and how to be truly ready for the race. Without TriDot I would have been completely lost. Every year I have improved due to the TriDot plan and have achieved AWA for the first time. However, in a very self-centered sport I try not do this for myself alone. I do this for the ones I love – to be healthy and there for my wife and kids. It is also an outlet to destress and be more present for my family. When training I fast from relief allowing me to meditate on things above, family and clear my head. Truly succeed I need God for focus, family from drive, friends to train with and TriDot on how to get there. I wish to be forever second.

    Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly