Scott Dorsey

TriDot Ambassador

Race Distances

Sprint, Olympic, Half

Performance Level


I have been a competitive athlete all my life, playing baseball, basketball and football. Looking to be competitive again I was drawn to the world of triathlons. Although competing against others, the main focus is simply to see how much stronger and faster you can become in all the disciplines. Being a beginner and not having any idea how to prepare and train for triathlons, I was excited to find TriDot in early January. In just 3 short months, I have already made drastic improvements in being able to train properly and get the most out of each workout session. I've competed in one sprint so far and will be competing in a couple of more over the spring and summer. I will be competing in an Olympic Triathlon this September and I am very excited to have TriDot Training guiding me to help me achieve my goals.

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