Sue Damstetter

TriDot Ambassador

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Sprint, Olympic, Half

Performance Level


I am a runner turned triathlete. I was running 30 to 40 miles a week 5 to 6 days. I saw TriDot show up on my news feed and applied for the PSP2018. I was so impressed with everything about it. I was training for the Buffalo Marathon hoping to BQ n also training for my 1st longer distance Triathlon. I am not a good swimmer ok on the bike and a good runner. Starting with TriDot was very humbling as I have never HR trained before. I walked alot in Z2 for a long time even on short runs. I started to get concerned with how short my long runs were but I was assured by John Mayfield and Cindy Reeves that I was on track. They were right I PRd my marathon and just came up short of a BQ. Warm weather and humidity played a part in that. I will have to say I have never felt so good during or after a marathon it was the best feeling ever. My next race was an Olympic at the Chattanooga Waterfront Tri where as most of you know the swim is down river but it was rough that day but finished in 31 mins which was good for me. The bike was sooo good followed racex and did well. The run was tough as the temps got in the 90s but I trusted my training and improved my time by alot. It was incrediable thanks to TriDot. I have continued with the program and now thanks to Coach Kathy will be ready for Augusta 70.3 in September which will be my 1st HIM. I cant imagine doing any other training plan and TriDot isn't just for triathlons. You can get amazing results for half or full marathon. With the assessments and your ever changing training you will have incredible results. I have told everyone I know about TriDot amd now have my daughter and a good friend in the program. With the flexibility n different payment plans its a win win. And the best part is the support from coaches and other athletes is soooo amazing. Thank you TriDot

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