Vasso Tsoutsoubri

TriDot Ambassador

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Sprint, Plympic

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My Triathlon history started in 2016 when I volunteered for the Toronto Triathlon Festival; after two days of volunteering I went home and signed up for my first Try-a-Tri taking place 3 weeks later. It was the best event I have attended, had a blast, met amazing people I still stay in contact with! After the Try-a-Tri, a Duathlon took place where I placed 2nd for my age group! Thought to myself ’this is awesome, I should do it more often’. No official training, no coach but lots of online reading to learn as much as possible. The following year a couple marathons, a spartan, trail runs and a Sprint came along…still no coach or official training plan. Then someone said ‘if you have done a sprint then you can do an Olympic distance’ and I just signed up for one, and again with no coach or training plan, I managed to finish; I was last out of the water but knew I could catch up on the bike and the run and sure thing finished with PRs!

That’s when it hit me that if I can do an Olympic Distance then I can do 70.3 Ironman BUT will do it with a coach and a training plan. When you hear people say ‘put it out to the universe..’ well that’s what I did…posted it on FB and TriDot came my way. This is Love at First Sight! One of the best choices in my life! Getting ready for 2019 season and will rock it!

Make It Count!