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First and foremost, welcome to the page of the most inspired and motivated coach! I know that our journey together will be rewarding for both of us. You found your way here so I already know that you're as driven by the competition of triathlons as I am, so let's get started.

I found triathlon later than some, but as soon as I did, there was no looking back! A friend of mine introduced me to competitive running. After ten years I realized I wanted more. Being a State champion swimmer in high school, triathlon quickly became the "more" I was searching for. An Olympic distance tri in Hawaii was all it took. I placed 8th and I was fully hooked!

I immediately dove headlong into reading and absorbing all I could about our sport, realizing that the mind is just as important, or even more important, than the body when it comes to being successful at how we compete. I too, like all of you have (or will), experienced the negatives that affect our training/racing injury, illness, missed training, family and life, etc. As your coach, it's my job to help you through these challenges, as I've been there; to be there by your side using my experience and knowledge to keep you motivated and to help get you back on track as soon as possible. As the mother of two boys, I have insight on balancing family and training. After some years of doing it mainly on my own, I did realize that I could use the guidance of a coach to take my racing to the next level. Wanting to tri a full Ironman so I sought coach! I met with some local coaches not finding what I was looking for, I was introduced to TriDot. I can honestly say that the coaches at Tridot have made me a better athlete and given me more balance between my personal life and the sport I love so much! Their performance based training model is second to none and has lifted me to several new PR's. I wholeheartedly believe in what TriDot is doing to drive the individual athlete to reach their full potential. Becoming a Tridot coach was something that I strived for, so extremely proud to be on the coaching team!!!!!


I grew up I Colorado. I was a state champion swimmer and down hill skier. I moved to Alaska in 1995 with by two boys. I have always been into sports. I tried bodybuilding, that lead me to become a fitness instructor. Started running competitively, the main distance being half marathons. Moved onto triathlons.

The biggest surprise to me in my triathlon journey is how I found myself walking taller and being a little more fearless. facing things that might have scared or intimidated before are now just another challenge I can and will conquer! That feeling of crossing the Ironman finish line, knowing the time and effort put into the accomplishment reaches every aspect of my life. It's what drives me everyday to do things I never thought possible before. I love teaching my boys that you can do anything you set your mind to no matter what age you are!!!!


Every athlete is unique! The uniqueness is what makes triathlon so amazing. I believe in finding the flame and building on that fire-providing an envIRONMENt that encourages and supports athletes to learn and develop into successful triathletes. I believe in continued education, learning from athletes and top coaches to be able to pass that knowledge on to my athletes. My goal as your coach is to learn as much as can and pass that knowledge onto my athletes. Getting you to the finish line on your first race or your hundredth race at your personal best is always the goal (while having fun and smiling!!!!)


- Ironman certified coach

- Group fitness instructor

- Degree in psychology

- High school state champion swimmer

- High school state champion skier

- Podium finisher half marathon

- Ironman All World Athlete 2016,2017,2018

- 70.3 World Championship qualifier

Am I brave enough? Am I strong enough? To follow the desire that burns from within. To push away my fear. To stand where I'm afraid. I am through with this 'cause I am more than this. I promise to myself alone and no one else. My flame is rising higher. I am the fire- Halestorm