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Always active, I competed at the Division 1 level in track and field and cross country while on scholarship at the University of Texas at Arlington. I went on to obtain a master’s degree in Exercise Science, and while in graduate school, was the head triathlon coach at UTA. I then taught as an adjunct kinesiology professor at UTA and coached cross country and track at an area high school. I moved to Austin in 2011 and have worked as head triathlon coach, program coordinator, and expert running coach for a local tri club, and been the GM at 2 local fitness clubs. I am currently the Director of Triathlon at Austin Aquatics & Sports Academy with a team of over 100 adults and youth triathletes. I am a certified USA Triathlon coach and an avid triathlete. I have coached many first time sprint triathletes from ages 6 to 71 to Ironman Kona qualifiers and LOVE what I do. I am a firm believer in it's all about the journey, not always the destination. I have completed more than 120 triathlons, 4 Ironmans, 30 70.3s and more than 40 half and full marathons, qualifying for Boston multiple times. I am excited to share my love of health and fitness with others.


I have been coaching endurance sports for over 11 years. I have coached high school runners to state victories and scholarship offers, collegiate athletes to conference qualifying, runners to personal records and Boston qualifying, and many triathletes crossing the finish line in 70.3 and 140.6 races. Many of my triathletes have qualified for AG, Collegiate, and USAT Nationals. I have coached numerous 70.3 and 140.6 Kona world championship qualifiers in numerous age groups. Let's make and plan and get started, cant wait to see what challenges you have for me. Let's learn and execute together!


The smarter and better prepared athlete wins the race and accomplishes their goals, not always the fittest one out there. My objective is to facilitate and articulate expertise through communicating, implementing, and strategizing for success in your next endeavor in the wonderful world of triathlon. I will hold myself, my clients, and colleagues in high esteem and will interact in the greatest degree of professionalism and personal integrity. I am here for you! Let's establish a plan, trust in the plan, and accomplish your goals! I am a huge advocate of technique and proper biomechanics in all 3 disciplines. I will start with your foundation and build from there; confidence, endurance, and success. Let's get you at the best you have ever been first, then reassess and improve on it. Why cant you podium? Why cant you win your AG? Why cant you finish your first 70.3? Why do you not think you will ever hear those words 'YOU are an Ironman!'? Using the Tridot System and my incorporated guidance and coaching, we will have a great season. If I accomplish the goals I have for myself, then I will have assisted you not only to success in triathlon, but also in life.


USAT Coaching Certification
Master of Science: Exercise Physiology
Bachelor of Science: Biology
NCAA & NAIA Collegiate Athlete Track & CC - 4 years
(Indoor National Qualifier 2006)
3x Boston Marathon Qualifier
Completed over 35 70.3 & 140.6 Ironman races
Completed over 120 triathlons (1:58 Olympic PR, 4:31 70.3 PR)
Director of Triathlon @ Austin Aquatics & Sports Academy - 3 years
Coaching and competing in triathlon - 11 years
Head Triathlon Coach at University of Texas @ Arlington - 2 years
Head High School CC/Track & Field Coach - 2 years

If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race. Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just finish the race it's up to you. Dave Scott 6-time Ironman World Champion