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After a brief law career and having my three sons, I discovered the sport of triathlon and realized how much I had missed being an endurance athlete. I was a competitive swimmer throughout my childhood and college years and needed to rediscover the "athlete" in me! I competed in my first sprint triathlon in 2005 and loved it. Over the next 13 years, I progressed from shorter distance racing to the half and full Ironman distance. Over the years, I have completed 11 full distance Ironman races and 10 Half Ironman races. About five years ago, I created the Tri4Him Junior Elite Team in Houston and have coached over 200 youth triathletes since the team's inception. I love helping kids learn about the sport of triathlon and enjoy seeing them discover a new confidence and strength in themselves. Last year, I co-founded HissyFit Racing, which is a women-based tri team that provides support and advancement for women in triathlon. My love for coaching the kids team led me to my coaching career at the adult level. I coach all types of triathletes, encouraging them to pursue their ultimate goals and teaching them every aspect of the sport. It is my goal to provide them with a thorough understanding of their Tridot training plan and advise them daily in their workouts, nutrition, and mental fitness. As a swim expert, I provide extensive swim analysis and instruction for my athletes. I love being on the pool deck and instructing my athletes! There is nothing greater than to see their swim stroke evolve, making them more efficient and faster swimmers! Mostly, I love seeing each of my team member rediscover the "athlete" that is within each of them!


As mentioned above, I was a competitive swimmer, runner, gymnast, and cheerleader throughout my childhood and college years. I have been a swim instructor for the last six years. I have focused my attention on helping many athletes, both youth and adults, who struggle with the swim portion of triathlons, including both pool swimming and open water. I have had great success in helping my athletes overcome anxiety associated with open water swimming. I am also an avid yoga fan and promoter of strength training. I highly encourage my athletes to participate in these practices to ensure the flexibility and strength needed in triathlon. I recently was trained under the Bobby McGee Running Transformation Program, which has given me extensive knowledge of the drills and techniques used and reinforced by the TriDot running workouts.


As a coach, I focus on training each of my athletes to be highly prepared both physically and mentally! I believe in making every workout a quality workout. I value quality of training over volume of workouts! As a coach, it is important for me to focus on each athlete individually, helping each person to become stronger in areas of weakness and to overcome any fears or obstacles he or she may have in training. I am my athletes' BIGGEST cheerleader! Each of my athletes and I have a relationship built upon trust and commitment. As their coach, I am committed to teaching them about all aspects of triathlon and monitoring their Tridot plans ensuring consistency and success. I emphasize the importance of gratefulness for their abilities and the race opportunities they are given. I encourage my athletes to not be afraid to set high goals! I teach them to work aggressively toward reaching those goals. Most of all, I encourage my athletes to dream BIG and let those dreams be motivation in their daily life!


11 x Full Ironman Finisher
10 x Half Ironman Finisher
Ironman PR of 11:54
Half Ironman PR of 5:35
Multiple Podium/ 1st Place Finishes at Sprint & Olympic Distances
Swim Instructor since 2007
Spin Instructor since 2013,
USAT Certified Level 1 Coach since 2014
Ironman All World Athlete 2015-2016 and 2017-2018
Tri4Him Youth Head Coach Houston since 2014
Bobby McGee Run Transformation certified
USAT Safety-Sport Certified
Co-Founder and Captain of Hissyfit Racing

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling , What if you fly? --Erin Hanson