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I am a coach that is passionate about working with triathletes of every level competing in all distances of triathlon. I have a proven record of coaching athletes of all ages to personal records in everything from 5k to Ironman. As a husband and father of three active children, I understand the challenges athletes face and work with athletes to realize goals and maximize performance will maintaining life's priorities like career, family, and faith.

Though I am still a competitive triathlete and love to train and race, my primary focus is on the athletes I work with. I enjoy researching and writing and have been published in various triathlon publications, including regular features on I am blessed to be able to pursue my passion for triathlon as a full time career.


My passion for coaching with the TriDot system stems from my own success while training with TriDot. I am not a natural athlete or a life long swimmer, cyclist or runner. In fact, into my mid-20s I was sedentary, overweight, and exhibiting early signs of metabolic syndrome. It was in my pursuit to regain my body that I discovered triathlon. It was through the TriDot system that I became a competitive triathlete and multiple Ironman finisher all while maintaining a full time job, marriage, three young children, and other priorities.

I have been working with athletes since 2009. In that time I have partnered with numerous athletes to complete their first triathlon, others to win their age group, and others to compete in the Ironman World Championship. I am an active TriDot athlete and share my experience of successfully racing sprints, Olympics, 70.3s, and Ironmans following TriDot plans.


My philosophy of coaching is one that maximizes the potential of the athlete while respecting the limiters of that athlete’s life. Priorities like family, faith, and career must all be taken into consideration when asking an athlete to dedicate themselves to both short term training sessions and season or career long goals. Each athlete is unique, with their own strengths to be leveraged and weakness to improve upon.

I value building relationships with athletes so that not only the training plan is fully individualized, but the communication, advice, and feedback are as well. I believe each athlete's ambitions and goals are important and deserve to be obtained, regardless of race distance or finishing time. Recovery is paramount and the key to making gains in performance. Consistency is important, but perfection is certainly not required.


Specializes in working with athletes with demanding schedules
Successful track record of working with athletes of all experience levels and ages
Coach athletes competing in all triathlon distances from sprint to Ironman
Regular contributor to triathlon industry publications
TriDot athlete regularly competing in all triathlon distances

Consistency is the key to gains, but perfection is not required