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As a professional triathlete who has been blessed by the sport for over a decade, I have the enthusiasm to encourage and provide direction to others who want to share in the camaraderie of the greatest sport(s) on earth. I knew after college that I wanted to work in an industry where I could inspire others to improve and access their potential as an individual and an athlete. Fortunately, the knowledge of exercise science allowed me pursue my dream of becoming a professional triathlete despite training minimally while holding a full time job. This allows me to motivate those who I work with to pursue their triathlon and training goals in as little or as much time as they decide to dedicate. Since completing my first triathlon in 2003, to working my way up to the elite level, I've had my share success and disappointments. Thorough it all, I have learned something from every event and these experiences have shaped my understanding of the sport, which I hope to share with all the athletes I work with.


I have worked in the health and fitness industry since 2002, and started my own coaching and personal training business in 2005. I have engaged with a vast range of athletes to enhance their pursuit of personal fitness and athletic endeavors ever since. The passion I have for understanding the human body and how it responds to exercise in an attempt to improve performance lead me to earn a degree in the Health Sciences. The education I obtained from Alma College created a foundation that I used to coach others as well as myself to great success for over 15 years. In the more recent past, I was introduced to TriDot Training and realized we shared the philosophy of less is more (if done right), which is necessary for athletes who only have so much time to train because of other family, work, and life obligations, but want to see maximum results. It was a perfect fit to join the TriDot Team as I bring my experience as an elite athlete to a scientifically proven formula for triathlon training.


I am a Coach, a Trainer, a Teacher, a Friend, and my mission is to serve all of those who are willing to put their trust in me. I believe each individual's unique athletic and personal fitness goals are to be admired and I will do my best to work within the framework of life to support them. I operate on the understanding that each individual has specific attributes and not one person can be coached exactly like another. A personal relationship is critical to realize what makes us excel.

Knowing your availability and commitment are vital components to the way I work with athletes in order to understand what goals are attainable while not interfering with family priorities. Proper communication is important to make a connection to ensure the athlete is happy with the schedule and so that we can alter each training program according to the client's changing needs. Encouragement and accountability is as necessary as the science behind a good training regimen. Keeping a person on track and consistently completing the workouts ensures small but significant successes along the way towards the ultimate objective.

Our achievement as an athlete and a coach is based on teamwork. Tri-Dot and I will provide the plan, the program, the tools, the technique, the advice, the schedule and the encouragement, while is up to the individual to make the effort. With the right motivation, anything is possible! And for me, there is no greater joy than providing the motivation to see you work hard, push your limits and change your life.


Exercise and Health Science Degree
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Coach of 2 IM 70.3 World Championship Qualifiers, 1 Kona Qualifier, and 3 Boston Qualifiers in 2017
Professional Triathlete 2011-present (12 Top Ten Finishes)
2 x National Champion Age Group Triathlete
Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier as both a Professional and Age Group Athlete
Powerman Duathlon World Championship Qualifier as both a Professional and Age Group Athlete
Triathlon and Running Coach since 2005
Volunteer Cross Country Coach 2005-2009, 3x Team State Champions

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe - Anatole France