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I consider myself to be a relatively average guy that like to compete at an above average level. I'm not the fastest on the course, yet, but I'm getting closer every year. I'm taking the long road approach, and I enjoy seeing myself getting stronger and faster every year - even as I turn 50 next year. I ran a 3:16 marathon this year with plans to break 3 hours in the next year or two. I've completed a sub 12 hour IM at age 46, and I'm looking for low 10 hours over the next year or two. This doesn't happen overnight. It's taken years to get here. More importantly, it's taken consistency.

I enjoy coaching athletes of all levels, from beginners to top age groupers. I enjoy matching training with your lifestyle to ensure you are not just improving, but also enjoying the sport. I especially like athletes that are committed to the plan and are willing to work for their goals. You realize that all improvements in life require work and you are ready to put the work in to reach your goals. And while that effort should be supported by those around you, you shouldn't sacrifice more than your family needs. My combined background in sports and nutrition allows me to consider the entire athlete, not just the training schedule. I'm here to help you navigate the training, manage expectations, finesse your schedule as needed, discuss your nutrition and recovery and prepare you for the races on your schedule.


I started as a runner in high school and through college. While in college, I lost my athletic scholarship in a bicycle accident. I was told I would never run a 4 minute mile again and would never be able to compete at that level again. I was pretty crushed. It took years to run again, but by then I was in the Army and eventually on to a career and family. While I continued to bounce in and out of endurance sports, my lifestyle was focused on my career and I let myself get terribly out of shape. By the time was in my 40s, I was near 200 pounds (at only 5'9") and my doctor told me that my cholesterol was too high and I was headed for a diabetic condition if I didn't do something soon. In just under a year, I started running again, dropped the weight to around 180 pounds and all health markers were looking good. I found my stride again, joined a gym and started exercising and training regularly. I was introduced to triathlons around the same time and was absolutely sure I wouldn't be a good swimmer and should even try. I was eventually talked in to it and while the swimming was definitely tough, I was able to get out of the water, on to the bike and then to the run. I fell in love immediately! My next 3 races were 2 x 70.3 and then a full Ironman event. I like the short distance races (sprint and Olympic), but I LOVE the long course events! Since then, I've run several marathons, qualifying for Boston in each; I've completed 2 Ironman events and at least 5 half Ironman events. I typically compete in at least one or two 70.3 races each year and I like to get in at least one marathon each year. Next year, I'll knock off Boston and NY from my bucket list of marathons.

Through the course of my training and love for this sport, I realized that I also loved learning the ins and outs of the training and why my coach was scheduling certain training sessions for me. As I learned more, I shared that knowledge with fellow athletes in the run, cycle and triathlon clubs I trained with. Eventually, I realized that my passion was in coaching so I completed my Ironman Coach certification, run coach certification, swim coach certification and started my personal trainer certification. Along the way, I also realized how important my nutrition was. I was learning about how nutrition impacts my weight, my daily training sessions as well as my recovery. I decided if I wanted to coach endurance athletes, I also needed to understand more about nutrition and I became a nutrition coach and now working on my level 2 nutrition coach certification. Everything I learn is in an effort to improve the performance of my athletes. I look forward to sharing what I know with you!


I believe in training smarter, not harder. That's not to say that some training shouldn't be hard - it absolutely should be. But you should be able to enjoy your life, your family and your career and still have time to train for a triathlon - even an Ironman distance event. I believe your workouts should have a focus and intent and the more you understand that intent the more you can get out of your workouts. I believe in getting proper rest and having a proper nutrition to support your goals and lifestyle. I believe in having fun! You should enjoy what you are doing and enjoy the benefits that come from this crazy sport we love so much.


* Certified Ironman Triathlon Coach
* Certified Nutrition Coach, PN1
* Certified Marathon Run Coach
* Certified Swim Coach, Level 1
* Functional Movement System, Level 1
* Certified Metabolic Technician, Life Time Fitness
* Multiple Ironman and Ironman 70.3 completions
* Regular Volunteer Ironman Coach at IM events
* Several Boston Qualifiers
* Multiple age group podium finishes

The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start. - John Bingham