Andrew Harley

Andrew spent nearly every day of his early athletic years on tennis courts all over Florida. It wasn’t until after college that he discovered triathlon as a way to stay in shape without spending hours every day on a court. He raced his first sprint triathlon in 2014, was instantly hooked, and now spends those active hours at the pool or on a bike. He loves the 70.3 distance and is currently training for what he promises will be his first and last 140.6.

After many successful years in television and live event production, Andrew now serves as TriDot’s media producer and host of The TriDot Podcast. Considering himself “the average triathlete,” he strives to be the voice of the people, asking industry experts the same questions triathletes everywhere want to know. If you have a question or topic for an upcoming podcast, drop him a line at

Andrew grew up in the Orange Grove/Strawberry Field part of central Florida and moved to Texas after graduating from Southeastern University in 2010. He and his wife, Morgan, live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with their cat, tastefully named “Pancake.”